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Revised 2018-10-04

SPURT Jobs is a program to offer you work and pay you AND the employer in SPURT

Until now you might have thought that the only way to earn SPURT is to clean. That is not what we want for you. Many people have good qualities. Cleaning is super when you like to do that, you can of course! There are MANY options to work if we do this correctly.

We will prepare a brochure, in your language, that you can use to go to employers providing jobs that might be interesting to you. Jobs you would LOVE to do. Jobs where you can give yourself to be the best YOU there is.

Depending on what you do, you will get paid in SPURT per hour, and the employer will also receive the same amount in SPURT. That means that he is EARNING on paying you, EARNING on providing you a job.
Suppose you earn 4 SPUan hour and you work 4 hours a day, 4x20= 80 per week. The employer will receive, each quarter of the year, automatically on his account 2x the SPURT you earn, let's say 2x80 SPU x 13 weeks = 2080 SPURT, from which he pays the employee, you, 1040:3 (month) SPU each month (350,--), for 20 hours work. The employer earned 350 SPURT a month SPURT by hiring you. He can hire more people if he wishes, for he might employ two people to get one full 40 hours a week job. He has to give four weeks of vacation, which is included and paid for.

Suppose you love to bake. You would go to a baker and offer him to work for him. He would pay you in SPURT. Many people are looking for a job, therefore he agrees, hiring you for maximum 20 hours a week. That might change quickly if enough people can have a job.
We will sign a contract with the employer for at least one year, and you are signing this contract too.

IF the employer is training a person to learn to bake, for example, the same conditions count. If the student needs material to learn, they can request compensation in SPURT through the program Your Education, Your Happiness.

If the employer is an NGO, or if you work for the community on a voluntary work for at least 2 hours a week, besides your job, you will be paid too. The NGO, or the party in the community you work for is your employer and they have to follow the same instructions as when they would hire you for 20 hours a week.
The employer will receive 2 x 2 (or more) hours x 5 SPU (example) x 13 weeks in three months is 260 SPU. He will pay the volunteer 260 SPU. But he might want to hire 20 people:).
The middleman ARRANGING these volunteers for the NGO or community is NOT permitted to accept any commission, but the employer might add the middleman as employee.

If the employer is also willing to accept SPURT for his services, he will profit extra. (see below.)

If the employer accepts to sell his future production, he will profit even more. (see the Business concept.) As you can see in the business concept, a client getting a business accepting SPURT, can also profit highly.

We will provide machines, cars, tractors or whatever the employer needs first in SPURT if he allows our members to work for him.
The client, saving SPURT this way, may be able to buy a house or get a car payable with SPURT after having saved enough.


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